Baja Jerky - Churro Beef Jerky (2.5 oz)

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A ride on the merry-go-round, a snack at your favorite festival, dessert at your go-to restaurant – a churro can be so many things. But what remains the same across any event or eatery that is lucky enough to feature a churro on their menu is the cinnamon sugar and the fond memories.

Pushing the boundaries is what Baja Jerky strives to do, and what better way to do that than to imagine a flavor of jerky that has never been done before. Enter: Churro Baja Jerky. We know what you’re thinking… “seriously, churro”? – yes, seriously! Give it one try and you will never look at beef jerky (or churros) the same.

The mix of sugars (brown, white + powdered) in each pack gives our jerky dimension and delight while the pure cinnamon mixed with our all-natural beef brings a necessary edge to round out the sweetness. Sweet and salty may be the best mixture on this planet, and our Churro jerky is a perfect example of that.

A favorite among both kids and adults, this sweet snack is not only delicious, but it also delivers 8g of protein in each serving. It has the sweetness to be a dessert but all the nutritional benefits to be a substantial snack as well. Each serving of jerky is loaded with lots of beneficial nutrients because we understand how important leading an active lifestyle is. You can stay fueled and feel good about eating good – even if it takes as delicious as candy!

As with all our other flavors, we take great pride in the quality of the ingredients we deliver with each package of jerky. Our beef is all natural, raised on a balanced diet, and free of antibiotics, which translates to very happy cows. And satisfied cows equate to premium, stress-free beef.

Lifestyle (of our cows and of ourselves) means so much to us. We truly believe that how you feel – physically, mentally and emotionally – is dependent on what you eat. That being said, we take great pride in not only the quality of our meat but also the time and effort spent making sure each flavor tastes perfect. We’ve put blood, sweat and tears into brainstorming the most delicious flavors for you to indulge in, and we’ve brought those dreams to life. The attention to detail within each flavor is astounding, so we hope that you can taste it all the second you bite down!

There is nothing quite as sweet as nostalgia, so give our Churro jerky a try to remind your taste buds of a time of laughter and life! We promise you won’t be able to get enough