Baja Jerky - Traditional Beef Jerky (2.5 oz)

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Experience the mouthwatering and all-natural flavor of Baja Jerky's Traditional Beef Jerky! Our passion for creating quality, high-grade beef jerky is unmatched. Our beef is raised with a balanced diet on open ranges, giving our customers only the best when it comes to typical beef jerky flavor.

It would be hard to not indulge in the savory taste that our traditional flavor delivers from its combination of tamari and Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, hickory smoke flavor, lemon juice, garlic and ground pepper. All these flavors blend together easily without overpowering one another or becoming too intense.

Try some for yourself and find out why Baja Jerky's Traditional Beef Jerky has become everyone's favorite snacks! Enjoy them as a nutritious snack or use them as an ingredient in your favorite dish to add a unique layer of flavor unlike anything else you've ever experienced! It definitely won't disappoint!