Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co - Teriyaki Turkey Jerky (2.5 oz)

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Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co Teriyaki Turkey Jerky – your tasty new go-to snack that won't leave you feeling guilty! We use only the leanest, all-white turkey breast, marinated in our own premium teriyaki sauce and slow smoked to perfection. Not only is it an incredibly delicious treat, it's also low in fat and rich in protein - a healthy alternative to other snacks out there! Packed with flavor and perfect for any occasion, this jerky is an ideal food for adventurers, hikers, athletes – anyone on the go who needs a quick but filling pick-me-up. Get ready for truly incredible taste that won't ruin your diet; Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co has got you covered with their gourmet teriyaki turkey jerky.