Mountain America Jerky

If you’re a mountain man then you need a Mountain America Jerky, and honestly, even if you’re not a mountain man, you probably still need this jerky. Mountain America Jerky offers innovative styles of jerky from buffalo to elk, alligator to tuna. They also offer gluten-free jerky in a multitude of styles and a salmon jerky that is so good, that you won't believe that it’s good for your diet.


But just because they offer a wide variety of jerky, doesn’t mean Mountain America Jerky isn’t traditional. In fact, as a company, they’re just about as traditional as it gets. Since 1979 when they opened a full-service retail meat counter, they’ve been crafting handmade jerky with the same dedication to high-quality meats and drying processes. Since that time, they’ve implemented new styles and flavors but they never lost sight of their mission; to bring delicious, traditional products to the jerky-loving consumer.