About Us

The idea for our company, JerkyBrands, was born from an empty stomach, aching for a new jerky to try, and frustration at the lack of options in our local supermarket.

We created JerkyBrands.com to help bring new innovative jerky styles and flavors to consumers across the globe. As jerky lovers ourselves, it was important to bring consumers options for the jerky they know and love as well as new brands and styles of jerky they may have yet to try.

We take pride in only offering the best brands who know how to make jerky right. The brands we offer make jerky with a wide variety of dried meats and ingredients, from chicken to turkey, to vegan mushroom. The brands we choose to feature at JerkyBrands.com only use the best ingredients because, as jerky aficionados, we know what it takes to create a jerky flavor experience that’s unforgettable.

Explore our website and jerky brands and discover the amazing jerky selections that promise to make snacking fun again!