Miscellaneous Flavors Beef Jerky

Our miscellaneous flavors of beef jerky are so weird, they couldn’t be placed anywhere else, and although they’re anything but traditional, we know you’ll love them just as much.

From our unique Churro Jerky to the Blood Mary Jerky, we value brands that are bold, just like you. These companies have taken the time and care to think outside the box and mix the classic traditional flavor with new innovative spices like curry chai and bourbon cherry. And the results are incredible.

Premier quality beef, marinated to a perfectly chewy texture without being overly tough, with enough flavor to make it delectably addicting.

If you’re someone who loves to try new flavors and eat unique foods, we know you’ll find something you love. Who knows, you may even recruit some friends to join us, weirdos, as these crazy flavored jerkies are as delicious as they are insane. You certainly won’t see these flavors anywhere else.