Garlic Beef Jerky

Garlic jerky may not be as famous as garlic bread, and it may not be the first flavor that comes to mind when you think of jerky, but we know once you taste our delicious garlic beef jerky selects, you’ll be wondering why you wait so long to try it.

All the brands we offer know how to blend the right flavors, create the right texture, and only use the highest quality of meat. The garlicky goodness will have you forgetting that it's actually a healthy choice!

From the sweet garlic teriyaki jerky to spicy garlic pepper jerky to garlic beef jerky blended with sweet onions, our brands are so incredible they’re sure to have you coming back for more and more. These high-protein garlic beef jerky brands know how to mix subtle savoriness with standout flavors. Our brands pack a punch, but won’t leave you with the dreaded garlic breath.

So garlic lovers rejoice, because you’ve just found your next favorite snack.