Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky

First, it’s sweet, then it’s spicy.

Our delightful sweet and spicy beef jerky selections make for delicious snacking or on-the-go eating that is neither too hot nor too sweet, because we believe in a life of balance and a life filled with jerky.

We all love spicy jerky, but not all of us can handle the heat. Here, we’ve curated the best sweet and spicy jerkies that are made to be enjoyed by all. They’re low fat and high protein making them the ideal snack or quick portable lunch. The best part is with so much flavor you’d never know you were making a healthy choice. All the jerky brands we choose are known for creating a perfect balance so we can get all the hotness we want in a jerky with all the sweetness we need to enjoy it.

Sweet and hot beef jerky, the perfectly balanced jerky you can eat whenever, wherever.