Fish Jerky

Fish Jerky for All

Welcome to JerkyBrands LLC, a one-stop shop for all your fish jerky needs. Here, you’ll find a selection of our favorite fish jerky snacks, guaranteed to get you hooked from the first bite. Whether you’re new to the world of jerky or consider yourself the leader of this elite snack fin fan club, you’re sure to find a delicious jerky treat to enjoy at home or on the go.

A Sea of Flavors to Explore

Our fish jerky collection combines flavor and nutrition to bring you a satisfying snack with an extra punch of protein. Choose from salmon, tuna, trout, smoked salmon and even ahi tuna jerky, and dive deep into the irresistible world of on he go treats. Ready to eat— enjoy after the gym, at your desk or even to tide you over before dinner. Just be prepared to be reeled in right from the start.

What is Fish Jerky?

Forget everything you know about jerky and get ready to experience a taste bud explosion. Originating from the Andes Mountains, the term jerky comes from the Quechua word Ch’arki, which means dried and salted meat. Traditionally made from beef, this collection of jerky turns the snack world on its head.

Instead, fish jerky uses strips of lean fish that are then marinated, seasoned and dried. The result is a soft and succulent protein jerky snack that not only taste great but is also good for your body’s nutrition and overall health.

Salmon Jerky

Rich, buttery and creamy, salmon is one of the most popular fish varieties around the world—not only because of its incredible taste but also because it’s a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for inflammation and cholesterol. But now the taste of salmon just got even better, thanks to salmon jerky treats. Just picture the flavors you love and throw in extra smokiness and substance.

Our collection of salmon jerky comes from some of the best-loved brands in the world, including upcoming names, all of whom are committed to quality craftsmanship and incredible ingredients. Choose from original salmon jerky or heat things up with a spicy alternative.

We even have a teriyaki addition and one of the most popular jerky offerings on the market: smoked salmon jerky. One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking for salmon jerky near me, there’s a snack out there for everyone, and whichever you choose, it’s sure to be a flavorful catch.

Tuna Jerky

Adapted for speed and streamlined in shape, tuna is a saltwater fish that comes in 15 different species and can grow up to 2m in length. Meaty yet mild, it’s no wonder tuna is one of the world’s most popular fish, and however you enjoy it, it boasts a number of health benefits. Renowned as being rich in protein as well as an excellent source of B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Our selection of tuna jerky comes from quality brands all over the world. Crafted from premium tuna meat and seasoned and dried with the finest herbs and spices, there’s a tuna jerky snack for every flavor. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy our honey-glazed tuna jerky.

If you’re searching for something entirely different, our lemon salt tuna jerky will get your taste buds talking. Or, for a real kick, there’s our peppered tuna jerky, sriracha tuna jerky or even the teriyaki tuna jerky— all guaranteed to get you talking for all the right reasons.

Trout Jerky

Just when you think our jerky snacks couldn’t get even better, you meet our range of trout jerky—possibly one of the best fish jerky snacks out there. Packed full of good fats and with a fantastic source of flavor, protein and vitamin B12.

Delicate yet distinctive in flavor, trout jerky is the perfect choice for those looking for an afternoon pick-me-up as well as those who want a burst of energy before the gym. Simply browse our flavor selection and enjoy as is—and we promise you’ll be back for more.