Vegan Jerky

Vegan Jerky: The Versatile Snack

At JerkyBrands LLC, we have a jerky treat for every kind of taste, and our new vegan and vegetarian jerky treat range means nobody has to miss out on this delicious and healthy snack. We like to think of our curated collection as plant-based perfection. Simple vegan jerky—no bull.

Packing a punch of flavor and nutrition, our vegan jerky is ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up or for an energy burst before the gym. However you want to enjoy it, you can do so without guilt and get your veggie fix with a jerky twist.

Plant-Based Snacking at Its Best

If you're vegan or want to eat more consciously, you'll find a vegan jerky snack you love here. Choose from plant-based beef jerky, tomato jerky, coconut jerky, mushroom jerky, and even plant-based pepperoni and bacon jerky, and get ready for a flavorful adventure. Our vegan jerky is not only delicious, but it is also a healthy snack that you can enjoy without worry.

What is Vegan Jerky?

Vegan jerky, a plant-based alternative to traditional jerky, excludes any animal proteins in its production. Expect the same flavor and taste but without all the animal-based ingredients and with added nutrition as a bonus.

Vegan jerky is a snack that resembles regular jerky in taste and appearance. However, it is made using ingredients such as mushroom, soy, and vegetable proteins. This snack is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

It's a snack that everyone can enjoy. In the same way that meat jerky or fish jerky is made, vegan jerky involves the marinating, seasoning, and drying of high-quality ingredients to create a chewy and delicious snack.

Mushroom Jerky

Rich, complex, earthy, and packed full of nutrients, mushrooms are a low-calorie source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Now, it's even easier to enjoy the healing properties of our mushroom jerky snacks.

Made using premium mushrooms, mushroom jerky offers a dense umami essence of mushrooms as well as a satisfying chew that will guarantee you’ll be coming back for more. Browse traditional flavors or those a little out of the box, including salt and pepper mushroom jerky, zesty Thai, teriyaki, curry, or applewood BBQ.

Vegan Beef Jerky

In search of a vegan twist on a classic snack? Our vegan beef jerky is plant-based and prime, and definitely a cut above the rest.

Crafted using the finest plant-based ingredients from makers all over the world, our vegan beef jerky promises the robust flavors and chewy texture you’d expect from traditional jerky— without any nasties. Even better, because it’s made completely from plant goodness, it offers an even healthier snack that supports your conscious diet. In fact, we’d say this is the real plant deal.

Tomato Jerky

Tangy, fresh, sweet, and juicy— tomatoes are the perfect addition to a variety of dishes. And now you can enjoy the taste of toms thanks to our selection of tomato jerky. Choose from original flavors, sriracha, or teriyaki, and enjoy a vegan snack packed full of natural sweetness.

To make this incredible jerky, the finest tomatoes are picked dried before being seasoned and marinated to preserve their flavors and nutritional value. Vibrant in color and juicy in texture, tomato jerky offers a one-of-a-kind snack ideal for on the go or at home. And we guarantee it’s so good it feels like a treat.

Soy Jerky

Soy it loud and soy it proud: Soy jerky is one of the best vegan jerky treats on the market, and when you browse our collection, you’ll only agree. What makes this jerky treat stand out is the quality of the soybeans picked, seasoned, and dried.

The result is a rich and almost creamy taste that leaves a lasting impression in your mouth. Whether you’re fueling up for a big session or needing some energy in between meetings, the chewy and savory snack of plant-based jerky is sure to keep you energized throughout the day.