Dave's Meat & Nuts

Smokehouses make some of the greatest steaks out there, which is especially important to us and our fellow carnivores. So, it only makes sense that smokehouses make amazing jerky too. Dave’s Meat & Nuts creates all their jerky in smokehouses, and the result is some of the most tender smokey jerkies you’ve ever tasted.


Try insanely unique and truly tasty flavors like Tikka Masala Jerky and Whiskey and Maple Jerky with a texture that literally melts in your mouth. The founder spent years in NYC working with the best chefs in the world, and he’s used those skills to create flavors that are balanced, surprising, and seriously delicious. Dave’s Meat & Nuts uses high-end spices to match the mouth-watering texture of their jerky.

It’s so good you should never buy just one bag, seriously, you’ll need at least three.