Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky

If you want spicy jerky, without the pain of extreme spicy heat, our Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky brands may be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The spiciness is a flavor, not a feeling, so although they do pack a punch of heat, they also won’t send you down a spicy pain spiral. All the Ghost Pepper Jerky options we offer have an ever so slightly fruity flavor that the ghost pepper is known for. Our dried slow-marinated jerky selections goodness, while still being low in fat. We take pride in only choosing the jerky that’s made with delicious spices and the highest quality beef. We do this because we know that it takes skill and dedication to create a texture and flavor combination that’s seriously delicious, without being too seriously hot.

Subtle sweetness, major chili, all flavor. Our Ghost Pepper Jerky is sure to have you wishing you had bought a second bag.