Crazy Mike's Jerky

When we eat jerky, we want to support real people, making incredible food, and with Crazy Mike’s Jerky, that’s truly what you are doing. This small-batch style beef jerky is so good, it’s crazy, just like their founder Crazy Mike, a US navy man who got tired of eating boring mediocre jerky and decided to take matters into his own hands, because as we mentioned, he’s crazy.


The name Crazy Mike’s Jerky may come from the founder's incredible adventures, but once you taste how delicious this jerky is you'll understand a whole new side to the name. With flavors like Everything Jerky (yes like the bagel) and Garlicky Garlic - (perfect for right before a date), we know you’ll love this jerky. It’s high-protein and low fat, designed to fuel your body through strenuous long days, all while making your mouth happy in the process.