Divine Bovine Jerky

If you’re still in the old-school way of thinking that jerky is only supposed to be beef, let us introduce you to Divine Bovine Jerky. This jerky brand creates delight flavored jerkies in a variety of styles, from classic beef and turkey to pork and uncured bacon jerky. Yep, you heard right, bacon jerky. Because really, who only wants bacon for breakfast?


Divine Bovine Jerky is just a snack, it is a gourmet treat, and it’s designed to elevate the jerky eating experience. Created in Southern Italy by a man known to his friends and family as “Pops” this jerky will blow your mind and your tastebuds. It has no nitrates, no MSG, and no additives to distract from its amazing taste. You have got to try this jerky, we promise you’ll be happy you did.