Chipotle Beef Jerky

Tired of eating the same old jerky flavors? Try out Chipotle Jerky selections and find a new way to love this amazing savory snack.

Chipotle adobo beef jerky has a mouthwatering blend of spices like chipotle chili peppers, roasted jalapenos, and cracked pepper. Its strong, smooth heat is just hot enough to make you sweat, but succulent and sweet enough where you won’t stop until you’ve finished the bag.

Although our high-protein jerkies may be healthy, you would never know it from the robust incredible flavor. Get all the taste without any of the guilt with our incredible jerky selects that will certainly become a staple in your pantry. Made with the best cuts of meats, and the freshest ingredients sourced straight from Mexico, our Chipotle Beef Jerky is the best in the biz, and sure to be a crowd favorite.

Chipotle Beef Jerky. It’s oh so delicious.