Spicy Beef Jerky

Jerky lovers with an affinity for spicy foods love all our hot jerky selects. With so many brands, flavors, and heat levels to choose from it’s easy to find the perfect spicy beef jerky that will light up your tastebuds and get your blood pumping.

Whether you’re looking for an original flavor with a little heat on the back end, want a sweet and smoky BBQ with a dash of subtle spice, are feeling feisty for our fiery spicy taco jerky, or want to live dangerously with the bloody mary spicy jerky, we’ve got the brand for you.

All our brands are made with superior beef products, marinade in fresh ingredients, and dried to a tender yet chewy texture that falls apart in your mouth. We promise it will be the best steak you’ve ever had, especially considering you can eat it straight out of the bag.

If you love spicy food, and you love jerky, it only makes sense that you’ll love spicy jerky. It’s really that simple.