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We are pleased you are here.  After realizing your options for finding craft jerky online were limited, we thought it was time for a site to list craft jerky makers for you to choose from.  We decided there was a need for a craft jerky business directory that offered a little more than your name and a link to your website.  A directory that lets you post your address, store hours, phone number and a lot more.  Enjoy this site and if you know of a company that might like to be listed just give them a heads up.  Thank you!  Jerky Brands – Helping you find craft jerky!

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We are a group of very experienced individuals with business directories dating back to 1997.  We have built directories in the rubber stamp industry, the teardrop trailer market and other beef jerky directories just to name a few.  Have complete confidence in our team to produce a win, win craft jerky directory that will only help everybody.  Jerky lovers will appreciate the simplicity and ease to be able to find some very different jerky they have never had before not to mention, finding their favorite jerky company that they have purchased from before.  At this time we are concentrating on just the United States.  In the future we will add Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries as we can.  Jerky Brands – Helping you find craft jerky!

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