Ayoba Foods

BBQ is to America as Biltong is to South Africa. So it’s no surprise that Ayoba Foods’ biltong air-dried premium cut beef jerky is 100% infatuation approved. Marinated in vinegar and spices, this biltong jerky is the ultimate high protein low fat snack and makes a delightful on-the-go meal. And no one does biltong jerky than Ayoba Foods. 


Ayoba Foods was founded by two South African brothers who wanted to supply the world with their beloved South African style jerky. They took family recipes, and mixed them with new innovations in the jerky process to make their products delightfully chewy and tender in the way that jerky lovers know and love, but with a South African twist. With their classic traditional jerky flavor, fiery spicy jerky, and unique combinations like rosemary and truffle, we know you’ll love Ayoba Foods Biltong Jerky as much as we do.