Baja Vida Jerky

All of Baja's jerkies are high-quality, all-natural, and thoughtfully designed with the best flavor combinations you’ve ever had - we’re looking at you Street Taco Jerky. These jerkies are the creme de la creme of the snacking world. They are adventurous, well-balanced, and ultra-delicious. This leads us to the question: if you’ve never had Baja Jerky, have you ever even really had jerky?


If you’re on a diet, you may be in search of a delicious jerky that has no sugar added and is diet and paleo-friendly. If so, there is no better jerky than Baja’s Crackin Pepper Beef Jerky. It’s one of those impossible combinations of snacks that’s both good for you and good to eat which makes sense when you consider that Baja Jerky is crafted by a Michelin Star chef.