Side Project Jerky - Pho Flavor Beef Jerky

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Are you ready to spice up your snacking routine? Say goodbye to boring snacks and hello to Side Project Jerky's new Pho flavor beef jerky!

Indulge in the full-time flavor of classic Vietnamese noodle soup, without the hassle of preparation. Each bite of our Pho flavor beef jerky takes your taste buds on a deliciously savory journey, bursting with authentic Pho-inspired spices.

Perfect for all you bold snackers out there, our Pho flavor beef jerky is unique, delicious, and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. And the best part? It contains zero added sugar and is gluten-free, so you can snack guilt-free and feel good about what you're eating.

Don't settle for ordinary snacks any longer – kick your cravings up a notch with Side Project Jerky's Pho flavor beef jerky. Try it today and experience a flavor sensation like no other!