Bella Sun Luci

Whether you’re a tried and true vegan or are just curious about what vegan jerky is all about, you need to try Bella Sun Luci vegan tomato jerky. Their vegan jerky has got to be one of the most inventive and delicious takes on jerky we’ve ever tasted, and believe us, we tasted a lot of jerkies. 


Bella Sun Luci has made a healthy, Mediterranean-inspired vegan jerky company that has passed down their secret family recipe from generation to generation. Created in California, home of the health-nut and some of the world's most delicious produce, it’s no wonder they use fresh, all-natural tomatoes marinated in premium Italian spices to create an amazing flavor of jerky. With its chewy yet firm texture, Bella Sun Luci has reimagined jerky in a whole new way, and you owe it to yourself to try it out.