Foreal Foods

When searching for healthy yet delicious snacks the options can be slim and disappointing. But with Foreal Foods, you’ll taste high-quality vegan jerky that is serious about its ingredients and its really delicious flavor. Vegan jerky is a great option for jerky lovers who need to cut back on their meat intact but just can’t seem to quit jerky, and most brands just don’t know how to make vegan jerky like Foreal Foods.


Foreal Foods offers vegan jerky in so many flavors it’s hard to find a favorite, (don’t make us choose between their Chili Lime Coconut Jerky and their Ginger Teriyaki Jerky). The coconut jerky flavors are vast, and their tuna jerky offers a brand-new style of jerky that makes pescatarians everywhere rejoice. Foreal Foods is dedicated to bringing foods with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, powders, “natural” flavors, or colorings to the snacks we eat daily. With a jerky recipe this good, you’ll be saying they’re for real your favorite brand.