Jerkface Jerky

Why pair wine and cheese when you could pair beer and jerky? That’s exactly what the Jerk of Jerkface Jerky brand believed, and so he created these jerky products to showcase the new way of pairing meats and alcohol, and all we have to say is “we salute you, sir”.


This brand may have started as an accident, but its success is anything but. With artisan jerky flavors like hot Wasabi Ginger Jerky, and Gravy! Beef Jerky, we know you’ve never quite experienced a jerky like this. Jerkface Jerky also offers more tried and true flavors like Garlic Chili, that’s a perfect balance of not too hot, not too garlicky. Regardless of if you’re ready to take a dive into heat or are just looking for a texture of jerky with enough firmness to be chewy and enough tenderness to fall apart in your mouth, Jerkface Jerky is where it's at.

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