Mountain America Jerky - Original Beef Jerky

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Mountain America Jerky's beef jerky is a nostalgic nod to classic snacking! Crafted with hickory smoked and marinated beef, our Original Beef Jerky boasts a timeless salt and pepper flavor profile that demands attention. Sourced exclusively from small herd, local cattle—no feed lot cattle here—each bite offers a rich, satisfying texture and flavor that caters to both casual snack lovers and jerky connoisseurs alike.

But the goodness doesn't stop there! Our Original Beef Jerky is free from fillers, preservatives, MSG, and nitrates, ensuring that every mouthful is all-natural and simply delicious. Embrace the taste of yesteryear with this old-fashioned flavor combination that never goes out of style. Try some today and rediscover why Mountain America Jerky's Original Beef Jerky is a timeless favorite!