North Jerky

Vegan jerky often inspires hesitance in the jerky aficionado community. People think it can’t be nearly as good as the real thing, and that leads jerky lovers to stay far away. But with North Jerky, the vegan jerky company that has created a variety of fully vegan products, you get jerky that tastes like real jerky and offers snackers high levels of protein. The only difference is it’s free of animal products. It's also free of GMOs and cholesterol, making it one of the healthiest jerky options available on the market.


The all-natural flavors of North Jerky are as delicious for your mouth as they are easy on the environment, and the company has made great strides towards a more sustainable snack. They offer tender Original Vegan Jerky that has a sweet mild and Black Pepper Vegan Jerky for those who like a little kick.

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