Vital Eats

It’s absolutely vital you try Vital Eat’s vegan Zen Jerky. This plant-based jerky will knock your metaphorical socks off, and not just because it’s vegan and vegetarian. Vital Eats is an award-winning company that specializes in dynamic flavors, seasoning, vegan queso, and salsa. They’ve used their extensive knowledge of spice to create insane vegan jerky that even carnivores can’t resist.


With strong mouthwatering flavors like Hot Ranch Buffalo and traditional BBQ vegan jerky, you’ll taste the vitality in Vital Eats’ Jerky. It’s made with vegan, vegetarian plant-based ingredients, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and uses zero artificial preservatives.  The brand is dedicated to sourcing local agriculture and supporting the culinary community in their religion in a sustainable way. And don’t worry, the only thing more important to Vital Eats than sustainability is flavor, that’s why they’re known for having the hottest, most delicious, and dynamic flavors like salty tamari and cool ranch culminating in a seriously scrumptious vegan jerky. 

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