Alligator Jerky

Most of us haven’t tried alligator jerky, but there’s no day like today to try something new, with fresh flavors and new meats in the same jerky style we know and love.

Unlike other gator jerky brands, that are made with sausage-like meat, our alligator beef jerky selects are made with all white meat from the alligator. This means instead of getting mysterious alligator meat you’ll be getting 100% solid strips of meat. If you’re looking to try alligator jerky, our selects are really the only way to do it.

Alligator jerky is low in calories and high in protein content, which is why so many jerky lovers are matching the switch and brave eaters are trying it out. The flavor is subtle and similar to that of chicken jerky with just a slight hint of seafood. We promise, although the combination may be unique, it’s incredibly tasty. We offer cajun spice and hickory smoke alligator jerky, giving you the jerky texture you know and love made with the meat you may be new to.

If you’re ready to try alligator jerky, you needn’t look further than these premium quality tasty selections.