Antelope Jerky

Antelope jerky can be the most delicious jerky you’ll ever taste, just so long as you choose the right brand. That’s why we’ve scoured the country finding the greatest antelope jerky brands that know how to treat the meat right, so you can enjoy its amazing flavor.

Antelope jerky needs to be handled with care and given a flavor profile that accentuates the natural flavors as opposed to trying to hide them. The Antelope Jerky we offer is nothing less than 100% all meat, with no other additives or fillers. With a simple delicious black pepper recipe, these antelope jerkies are the perfect way to introduce yourself to a new way of snacking. The spics of the peppery recipe give the meat a complexity without taking away from the unique taste it brings on its own.

Bring this hunting, or hanging with the guys. Antelope Jerky, it’s not your average jerky.