Buffalo Jerky

If you’re here that means you’re a true jerky lover, who’s always looking for what’s next. Buffalo beef jerky is the next step in the texture evolution of jerky and we’ve sourced the best buffalo jerky from the brands we trust.

With a far more delicate flavor than a classic beef jerky, buffalo jerky has a more bold and unique flavor than anything you’ve tried. It’s lightly sweet and earthy flavored without being overwhelming. These brands created a jerky with a texture that’s similar to beef or chicken jerky while soaring above their counterparts in many ways. Buffalo beef jerky is a major source of iron and so delicious it’s sure to inspire even the pickiest eater to enjoy new jerky meats.

Go wild with our buffalo beef jerky. We know, once you’ll try it there’s a good chance you’ll never go back to classic beef jerky again. But don’t worry, we’ll never actually make you choose.