Rabbit Jerky

Now you don’t have to wait for rabbit season to enjoy the delicious taste of rabbit in a jerky snack.

Rabbit jerky has a similar texture to that of chicken jerky. With a sweet, subtly salty, and very slightly gamey taste profile, we know you’ll love it. It’s high in quality, rich in proteins as well as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and calcium and potassium.

Because rabbit jerky is so low in fat content, the drying process is essential to creating a jerky with a melt in your mouth texture, and our brands have done it. We offer jerky from those who’ve been in the rabbit jerky business for generations, perfecting their drying process, sourcing the right meat, and designing recipes that enhance its unique flavor.

This rabbit hunting season bring along the tasty treat of rabbit jerky. You and your buddies will be happy you did.

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