Fusion Jerky

What happens when you fuse traditional Asian flavors with American premium cuts of meat and recipes? Fusion Jerky. Fusion Jerky is the best thing out of San Francisco since the Golden Gate Bridge. To name our favorites would be to name the entire list of products, so just take our word for it and start with Chili Basil Jerky and work your way down. By the end, you’ll have a favorite new jerky brand and a new love of differing styles of jerky.


Fusion Jerky is all-natural, gluten-free (we told you it was out of California), high in protein, and low in fat and sodium. This jerky not only has some of the best flavors of any jerky out there, but a texture that’s perfectly tender and chewy the way all classic jerky should be. They offer beef jerky, turkey jerky, and chicken jerky, allowing you to widen your jerky horizons and fall even more in love with jerky. As if you could love it any more.

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