Three Jerks

Beef jerky tends to attract a no-nonsense type of person, a person who wants meat, flavorful spices, and an easy, fun to eat, snack. But just because jerky lovers want all those things, doesn’t mean they don’t want a high-class jerky experience. And that’s where Three Jerk comes in.


Three Jerks takes beef jerky from a roadside snack to a sit-down dinner quality meat, because they use filet mignon instead of the traditional beef cuts you see in so many other brands. The result is one of the best-textured beef jerky you’ve ever tried, seasoned and spiced to perfection. Their flavors are vast, from Memphis BBQ to Chipotle Adobo, and although these spices are found in many brands of jerky, they are often seen as flavorful as this. That’s because Three Jerks uses real ingredients to spice and flavor their jerky. Their jerky has no nitrates, no preservatives, and no gluten.

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