Unisoy Jerky

Unisoy Jerky is universally the best soy jerky we’ve ever tasted, it brings vegan jerky to the mainstream and makes the introduction into the vegan jerky world seamless and easy. Unisoy Jerky has a variety of flavors that hit on the same flavor profiles that beef or turkey jerkies do, such as Carne Asada Vegan Jerky and Teriyaki Vegan Jerky. If you’re trying this style or attempting to lure a beef jerky lover into the world of vegan soy snacks, start with Unisoy Jerky.


Most of the time plant-based eating doesn’t extend to jerky snacking, but with Unisoy Jerky you get that same fibrous meaty texture meat lovers know and love, as well as 21g of protein per bag. Unisoy products have zero saturated fat and no cholesterol as well as being a low sodium jerky option. This vegan jerky isn’t just for vegans, it’s for the people who want to snack healthier and refuse to sacrifice flavor.