Mountain America Jerky – Wild Boar Jerky

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Introducing the latest addition to the Mountain America Jerky family: Wild Boar Jerky! Elevate your jerky game with this exotic treat, perfect for those seeking something beyond traditional beef options. Crafted from 100% solid strips of wild boar meat, each bite delivers a rich, nutty flavor that sets it apart.

We've carefully curated a custom blend of original spices to enhance the natural flavors, creating a truly unique taste experience. And rest assured, our jerky is free from MSG, nitrates, hormones, and steroids—just pure, natural goodness in every bite.

Wild boar not only boasts a richer flavor compared to regular pork but also offers a leaner profile and darker red hue, thanks to its diet of acorns and vegetation in its natural habitat. Unlock your taste buds and embark on a wild flavor journey with Mountain America Jerky Wild Boar Jerky today!